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Cornell BOOM Showcases Digital Tech

Written By: Kellie Meyer

Checkers-playing robot and other hi-tech projects to be showcased at Cornell BOOM 2014.

Cornell BOOM Showcases Digital Tech

March 26, 2014

ITHACA (WENY) -- Go check out the latest high tech projects at Cornell university today at the Cornell's BOOM 2014.
     This year people will have a chance to see the latest student research into digital technology. Projects like checkers-playing robots, a smart scale or even an unmanned aircraft capable of take off and landing by itself.
Some of this year’s projects include:
Smart scale – A wifi-enabled smart scale and mobile app called Moxie that allows users to monitor their weight, heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol in order to make lifestyle changes accordingly.
     Bus tracker – Mobile tracking app that allows users to select a bus number to find the nearest stop, estimate the time the next bus will arrive and its current location.
     Checkers-playing Delta robot – A checkers-playing robot arm that uses a webcam to identify the board and determine its next move.
     Reader analytics platform – A digital platform called Speare that tracks analytics from visitors of news media websites – everything from the types of articles they prefer to how long they spend reading them – in order for the publisher to better understand its audience.
     CUAir – An unmanned autonomous aircraft capable of takeoff/landing, waypoint navigation and surveillance/reconnaissance.
     CUAUV – An unmanned autonomous underwater vehicle capable of completing difficult underwater tasks through an advanced software system.
     Mood lights – Electro-sensors measure one’s mood and then the data is fed into an interactive, color-changing light system.
     This is the 16th annual event and starts today at 4:00P.M. in Duffield Hall Atrium on Cornell's campus.
     More information: http://boom.cornell.edu/