Cornell Sexual Assaults

thaca and Cornell university police are looking for a suspect after three girls were attacked early Sunday morning.

Sexual Assaults at Cornell

September 3, 2012

Ithaca (WENY) - Ithaca and Cornell University police are looking for a suspect after three girls were attacked early Sunday morning. All three victims report a man with a similar description and similar attack style. Students describe the areas where the attacks happened as wooded and dark. Students are being more cautious after the recent sexual assaults on Cornell's campus. Police say around 2 a.m. on Sunday, a female student was aggressively grabbed by a male while walking through a narrow pathway by Hughes Hall. Another female student reported a similar incident a little more than an hour later, after a man forced himself into her apartment. And a third female victim was raped just a half hour later near the suspension bridge near University avenue. Melanie Larkins is a junior and says she won't walk that way at night.

     “It depends on the time of day, like at night, I would never go in the wooded areas or near the suspension bridge because you have to walk through the woods to get there and its not well lit so I wouldn't go there.”

     Sargent Anthony Tostanoski from University police says they are doing their part by upping the number of patrols and offering rides to anyone who doesn't feel safe.

     “We don't want them looking over their shoulders all the time we want them to be safe. So we're taking every step possible to ensure their safety and make sure they have a good experience here at Cornell,” says Tostanoski.

     “I think they're doing their best to get the word out there by telling us where the incidents occur and what time and I think that's a way to prevent people from making the wrong decisions,” says Larkins.

     University Police tell me they have some very good leads, and say the suspect in the three assaults is likely the same person.