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Corning hires Weston Solutions to test residents’ soil

corning soil
CORNING (WENY) -- Dozens of Corning residents showed up to the Radisson hotel to learn more information about the underground fill that sits just below many of their properties
When construction began on the expansion of Corning east high school just two years ago contractors found ash, brick and glass in the soil. The dirt tested positive for elevated levels lead, cadmium and arsenic, all hazardous. Now the Department of Environmental Conservation has stepped in and is investigating weather surrounding areas pose a health hazard.
Mike Cruden, an environmental engineer for the DEC, says “we're not necessarily determined that it has to come out of their yard. We’re just trying to determine after what happened at the school you know they found a lot of material with the expansion and consolidation of the schools. We’re just trying to determine how far does it go and what’s the nature of it.”
Corning Incorporated has jumped in to help determine what material is present and if it is dangerous. It's hired Weston Solutions to come in and test residents' soil within the study area. Weston solutions say they plan to start taking dirt samples in the Houghton Park residential area by the end of the summer. And say participants should get the results two months after the samples have been taken.
The areas involved are bounded by Pyrex Street, East Pulteney Street, Post Creek and Chemung River. Those in that area that want their property tested must sign up through the DEC to grant permission to Weston Solutions.
Please visit http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/97180.html for more information and data results. You can also email studyarea@corning.com for direct questions regarding the investigation.