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Corning Swears In New Deputy Mayor

New Deputy Mayor

    CORNING---(WENY) The City of Corning has a new Deputy Mayor. Councilman William Boland was sworn into office during the Corning City Council Meeting Monday evening.
      He first became a Corning City Council Member back in December, 2011 and is replacing Myron Crispino.
      Boland says he's very anxious to get to work. He serves as Chairman of the housing committee and says his first order of business is to revitalize housing in the area.
     Councilman Boland told WENY's Candice Cole, " I think that's number one on the agenda because if we don't revitalize our housing our city is gonna have problems and we need to get that as job one."
     He also said that it's an honor and a privilege to serve the City of Corning and is grateful to Mayor Negri for his selection.
     Councilman Boland takes on his new office as Deputy Mayor on Tuesday.