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Crazy Weather Conditions

Crazy Weather

     ITHACA---(WENY) Some people may be tempted to blame this crazy weather we've been seeing on climate change or even global warming, but actually these weather mood swings aren't anything out of the norm.
     Climatologist Samantha Borisoff says, "It's not a-typical. We can have snow in the Elmira area through early May."
     According to Borisoff, part of the reason is the jet stream. In the colder months, that fast moving air traveling up in the atmosphere tends to head south- and in the summer months it heads back up North and we happen to be right in the transitional period.
      Borisoff says, "April is generally a transition month, so weather patterns can be very changeable in April."
      And so far as the brutal winter we saw, she says temperatures were definitely below where they should have been, but perhaps we've just been spoiled by winters past.
       Borisoff says, "The past 2 years in particular, 2012 was the warmest year on record. I think we've forgotten what a normal winter is like."