Special Report: Cross Country Nightmare

Cross Country Nightmare

      PAINTED POST (WENY) --  Meet the Gordon family...Jeffery is nine, his sister is seven and the baby of the family is one. Mom and dad are Denise and Joseph Gordon.  The Gordons moved from Bellvue, Washington to Painted Post at the start of the new year.  But they're not settled.

     "I'm tired and after moving across the country I just want to be settled we're just in despair," says Denise Gordon.  "We're on limited resources right now from sleeping on the floor to not having enough bathroom stuff not enough kitchen supplies."

     The moving company they used, Liberty Relocation, still has their things in a storage facility at an undisclosed location.  Here's how it was supposed to work: Liberty would pack up their things then deliver them January 7.  Liberty Relocation called the Gordon's and changed the date to January 2.

     The Gordon's couldn't be in Painted Post that day. So the moving company charged them for the two days they waited and to store their stuff.  Now the Gordon's owe about $2,000 extra and they wont get their stuff back until they pay.

    "It's like we're in nomads land we don't if we're coming or going," Denise tells WENY. "We've pretty much used up all our expenses and money that we have ."

     Mark Manning is the account executive for Dimon and Bacorn Inc., a moving company out of Elmira.  He had this resonse when he first saw the contract.

     "It's very generic, very basic, " says Manning.  "It did not look like it gave all the information it can."

     What Mark noticed was this contract didn't include a spread.  That is a period of time anywhere from three days to a week when the moving company can drop off your stuff, because of variable factors.

     "If you're coming that far close to 3,000 miles away and say we're going to deliver on a specific day then no... we're going to tell you that were delivering it between a week and a half time frame," says Manning.

     Mark believes that the company wasn't being as clear as they could with the dates.  He also said having that specific date is a big red flag

     So where does this leave the Gordon's? For right now with an empty house and a bigger bill than they expected.

     Catch part two of the "Cross Country Nightmare" story on Friday, January 31 starting at 5:30 and 6 pm.