Cuomo Pushes to Cut Property Taxes

Cuomo Pushes for Property Tax Cuts

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Consolidation: It's something we've been hearing about a lot here in the Southern Tier. Many municipalities have already done so by sharing services. A lot of them are asking how far they can stretch it. That's what Governor Cuomo's asking in his new initiative.
     It would to freeze property taxes throughout the state for two years, and provide tax credits for homeowners, if municipalities consolidate.
     County Executive Tom Santulli thinks there's some cutting to do on the state's end, particularly  with unfunded mandates.
"Our county government raises $27 million dollars in property taxes on an annual basis. All $27 million of those dollars goes to the state of New York to pay for Medicaid, public assistance, safety net, indigent defense, plus another $10 million dollars of our sale tax," said Santulli.
     The Governor's touting his plan, "We capped them, now let's cut them." He says the freeze will generate $1 billion in tax relief and, if local towns follow the freeze and share services it creates tax credit.
     Santulli has the numbers figured out in Chemung County. He says if every municipality lived within the cap, the governor's formula would reduce the cost of government in Chemung County just over $4 million.
     "For us I think there's some things we can do with the sharing of services, but I think if the state would give us more mandate relief on top of us working together to reduce costs, it's achievable," said Santulli.
     Here's more on the plan: