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Curb Alert: Christmas Trash

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Curb Alert: Christmas Trash

ELMIRA (WENY) -- You might have gotten a nice flat screen TV or laptop yesterday for Christmas. When you're done opening it, it's typical to haul those boxes to the curb. But that holiday trash could make you a target to a burglary.
     Police say homes could be at risk for the next few weeks if people aren't careful. Simply putting boxes from that new X-Box or expensive electronic on your curb, spells out what's inside your home to your neighborhood and thieves.
     So what can you do to make sure your home isn't being targeted?
     Sergeant Tim Dacey, of the Elmira Police Department suggests not leaving those empty boxes on the curb at all. He says you should cut them up to fit inside your garbage can.
     You can also turn the boxes inside out so labels don't show, or put them inside black trash bags instead of clear ones. Or you can simply take them straight to a recycling facility.
    "Make sure the boxes are broken down maybe wait until the last moment to put them out just before the garbage pick up," said Sgt. Dacey. "Just don't let it sit outside the house, just showing what you've got."
     A good safety measure is writing down serial numbers for any electronics, so you can possibly track them if they are stolen.