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Delayed Allergy Season Begins

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Delayed Allergy Season Begins

BIG FLATS (WENY) --It's hard to believe that green grass and flowers are sprouting after the harsh Winter we've had. An unwelcome sign of Spring is starting to hit: Allergies.
     Some are referring to it as the "pollen vortex." The late Spring is causing everything to bloom at once. Warm and dry days, like we should be seeing soon are ideal for pollen release.
     So, for allergy sufferers It's time to get ready to prevent running noses, scratchy threats, watery eyes.
     If you have allergies and haven't started taking your regular allergy medications, doctors say you should start before your symptoms do. You may want to get yourself checked out for what kind of allergies you have because they can change.
     If you don't want to use medications you can pay attention to pollen counts and keep windows closed on days it's high. You can also rinse off after being outside.
          Dr. Plez Tinsley, an ear, nose and throat doctor says a rainy start to Spring and heavy snowfall in Winter caused the mold allergy season to start earlier.
   "We should have a pretty growth cycle during the Summer months and Fall and allergies might be worse because of a cold Winter," said Dr. Plez Tinsley.
     Dr. Tinsley says some people often think they have a cold and not allergies. He says colds usually go away within 7 or 8 days.