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Development In Corning Hospital Case

Development In Corning Hospital Hepatitis C Case

CORNING (WENY) -- There's been a major development in the malpractice lawsuit against Corning Hospital.
     Last year, it was discovered a Registered Nurse used a single-use syringe on multiple patients, putting them at risk for HIV and Hepatitis C.
     One of those patients has recently tested positive for Hepatitis C and is joining the lawsuit.
     Attorney's at Ziff Law Firm, who is representing the patients, say that it wasn't until his 3rd test that he found out he contracted Hepatitis C.
     "The Guthrie Hospital and the doctors and nurses were telling people that there is very little chance and surely this case makes clear, it's incorrect," says Attorney Adam Gee.
     We reached out to Guthrie but they have no comment because the case is still open.