Disabled Bowhunters Program In Chemung Co.

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Disabled Bowhunters Program In Chemung Co.

ERIN (WENY) -- Disabled hunters will have a local park all to themselves this hunting season.
     Chemung County is starting up a brand new pilot hunting program for those with disabilities in the area.
     This program will close off parts of Park Station in Erin for the last two weeks of hunting season,  so disabled hunters will be able to get in the game.
     This program  all came from one disabled southern tier man who approached county officials wanting to hunt.
     Thats when Chemung county executive, Tom Santulli, and his team decided to create an opportunity for those with disabilities in the area to bow hunt at Park Station.
     "As we all know, people with disabilities can be more active and try more things than people who don't," said Chemung County Executive.
     "Park station, if you've ever been up there, we have a real over population of deer. They're everywhere," said Santulli. "So we thought that we could have an opportunity to allow up to 8 individuals the last two weeks of bow hunting season."
     "It provides a way for hunters with disabilities to be included in something that so many people around here love," said John Zick, AIM Independent Learning Center. "Just because you have a disability it doesn't preclude you from participating in activities that you love doing; like hunting."
     And there are some important things to know If you want to participate in this program:
          - You must be a New York State Resident 
          - You need to have a current NYS Non Ambulatory Hunter Permit
          - Signed Certification from your physician 
          - Accompanied by an ambulatory person over 18 years of age with hunter permit
          - Application Deadline: September 8th
     Chemung County has also looked into some security measures. Park Station will be closed off from public for disabled bow hunters from October 31st to Nov 14th.
     Fore more information on the application, go to