Disaster Preparedness Training Program

Disaster Preparedness Program

OWEGO (WENY) -- We've seen our fair share of natural disasters over the past three years, from devastating floods to several tornadoes.
     The New York State Disaster Preparedness Training Program will be held in Owego to give families and individuals the proper resources to survive the next time mother nature strikes.
     This kit has key items that will help people immediately after a disaster.
     State officials say, this program will help New Yorkers be the most trained and best prepared citizens in the country.
     Many Twin Tiers neighbors have seen their fair share of floods, most recently in 2011.
     Hundreds left without basic needs, and major damage to their homes.
     The state citizen preparedness program will hold a disaster training in Owego, to help them be prepared for the next time.
     "The idea is to basically have individuals and families do what they can to prepare for themselves before any kind of disaster," said Owego Mayor, Kevin Millar.
     The citizens of Owego are no strangers to floods. On saturday the citizens preparedness program will supply residents with a back pack that contains many items to assist during the flood.
     They will receive a first aid kit, duct tape, a flashlight and even food to help during that time.
     "That morning we were all carrying things upstairs trying to save stuff from the flood," said Phoebe Morris, Owego flood victim. "We're all upstairs leaning over the balcony there watching the water come up, step after step after step wondering when it's going to come up."
     Morris says in 2011 her family was stranded at the top level of their home for three days when 2 feet of water flooded the house.
     She looks forward to attending the Disaster training program on Saturday, where she and others will get enough supplies to manage for 3 to 7 days.
     "Having a kit like that will really help me because I would know that I'm prepared, next time this happens I'm ready to go," said Morris.


To register for the training, click on the link below. 
Click on the Register box next
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At the end of the form choose the Tioga location
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