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Potentially Fatal Dog Virus

Written By: Joe Melillo
Potentially Fatal Dog Virus

December 6, 2013         

     A new virus is popping up in dogs in the Western and Midwestern United States, and it could be deadly.  It's called circovirus, and it originated in pigs and birds.
     The only confirmed cases are in California, but researchers say it may be connected to dog deaths in Ohio.  There have been no reports locally, or as far as we can tell, east of Ohio.
     Right now, vets say there are a lot more questions than answers.  Dog owners may want to keep an eye out for signs of severe depression, vomiting diarrhea and lack of appetite. Experts say , it's highly contagious among dogs , and could spread through kennels or dog parks.  Vets say it can be treated and if you get your pet help right away.