Elmira Electrical Boxes Get A Colorful Makeover

Elmira Electrical Boxes
ELMIRA (WENY) -  Elmira Downtown and the Elmira City council have been working with local artists to bring some brightness to downtown Elmira.
“Its really just something to you know kinda give you a little bit of pride in your community and in your city, and something to look forward too. Something new sprouting up,” says Councilman Brent Stermer.
Many Elmira neighbors seem to be joying them. “It says we are a community that supports the arts ands has a little bit of uniqueness to it,” says one neighbor.
Some  local businesses have even said they are interested in sponsoring the boxes to get more of them painted. Councilman Stermer says they are working on a map that will highlight all the addresses of the boxes and the artists that painted them.