Early Morning Fire Leaves One Person Dead In Bath

Early Morning Fire in Bath
     BATH---(WENY) Fire crews were called around 1:30 Monday morning to a deadly fire at the apartments on top of Sherwood's Wine and Liquor that took the life of one resident, and sent another to the hospital.
     Bath Fire Chief David Dowdell said it took 11 fire departments several hours to extinguish the blaze.
      The surviving victim is recovering from injuries after jumping from a second story window. A firefighter on the scene also suffered minor injuries. Both were taken to Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital. The firefighter was later released.
      Robert Wilson, who also lives in one of the apartments on top of Sherwood's Wine and Liquor just happened to be at the Bath VA Hospital recovering from knee surgery at the time the fire broke out.
     He considers himself very lucky, and said, " I lost some stuff, you know, but everything's replaceable. I'm lucky that I wasn't there, you know, and I'm alive."
     Sherwood's wine and liquor saw substantial water and smoke damage. The two neighboring businesses, Stephanie's Family Restaurant and The Steuben Courier Advocate also sustained minimal damage.
      Luckily, according to Stephanie's Co-Owner, Michael Hillman, each adjoining building is separated by two brick walls which helped protect them. He said, "We got light smoke damage downstairs, upstairs is a little heavier smoke damage. We're going to a have it professionally cleaned, so we should be up and running by Wednesday morning. They saved our building, the fire departments did a great job."
     Fire Chief Dowdell says the cause of the fire is still under investigation.