ECSD Tackles Bullying

Written By: Asha McKenzie
ECSD Tackles Bullying

ELMIRA (WENY) - After a string of alleged bullying incidents in the Elmira City School District that came to light this year, the district is taking a deeper look into its policy and procedures.
     The board of Education has voted to form an Anti- Bullying committee, to enhance communication between students and parents.
     This newly developed council is looking to promote ethical behavior among members of the school community.
     The board plans to research sustainable programs they hope will work for the district.
     In a statement to WENY News, Superintendent Hillary Austin said..
     "Anything that we can do to support an open dialogue will be supportive and helpful to our students and families."
     Back in May, we brought you the story of Sharon Walburn and her son Tyler, a student at Hendy Elementary, who allegedly received a concussion from being bullied on school property.
     She says this committee is long overdue.
     "We're hoping that it's a committee of parents that understands the whole situation of their child being bullied that knows how frustrating it can be to put a stop to it," said Walburn.
     Walburn says, she and other parents have been pushing the school district to openly take a stance on anti-bullying to protect their students.
     "I feel that something needs to come out and be there for these parents and these children that are going through so much on a daily basis," said Walburn.
     And the district is doing just that.
     Wednesday night, the decision was made to put together an anti-bullying council.
     Being in its early stages, the co chairs of the newly proposed council need to outline who will serve on the committee and their goals.
     "The multipurpose will be to look at all of the circumstances that we have experienced in the Elmira City School District and what other districts our size and our demographic are experiencing," said Lynn Grottenthaler, Elmira City School Board Member.
     In upcoming weeks, the anti bullying council will choose who will serve on the board and key goals to be approved by the board of education.