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Elmira City Public Hearing

Written By: Candice Cole
Elmira City Public Hearing
     ELMIRA---(WENY) The Elmira City Council held a public hearing this evening on the city's proposal to raise taxes.
    The newly proposed city budget seeks to raise taxes from 4% to 6%. The tax hike is an issue some people say is pricing them out of living in the city.
     Mayor Sue Skidmore says the only way they'd be able to avoid the tax hike is to cut services, because she doesn't see where they can save money.
     Councilman Dan Royale says the increase would help to buy the city two years, but wants the public to have a better understanding of why taxes are being raised.
Councilman Royale said, "The public needs to understand where we're at, where we've come from, and where we're headed. It's critically important that we make some changes, both from a revenue side, but also from a cost side."
      Constituent, Kathy Rundle says, "I think we pay a lot of money and I don't feel that I'm getting full services to start with. I realize everybody has problems and everybody has budget constraints, but I feel that they're driving people out of this area."
      A neighborhood meeting on the Budget will be held January 7th prior to the January 13th vote.