Elmira City Youth Court Induction

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Elmira City Youth Court Induction

     ELMIRA - [WENY]     The court room in City Hall was packed with very proud friends and family for the special induction ceremony.
     37 of the newest members of the Elmira City Youth Court system took the oath, and were sworn in at the Wednesday night ceremony. But getting to this point was not easy, the students had to complete a challenging bar examination, and pass a competitive interview process.
     These youth court members will not only be expected to handle the cases of other youthful offenders, but to hopefully make an impact in their lives.
     Lucianne Olthof, a new Youth Court member said, "I get to help out the community in a positive way, and learn about the justice system in return."
     Honorable David Brockway, a Family Court Judge said, "I am so proud of them all, and what they are going to be able to contribute to the community, to their own peers, and the lessons they themselves will learn. It's just a really exciting evening."
     Just to get an idea on how hard it actually is to become a member of the Youth Court. More than 120 students applied for a position on the Youth Court.