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Elmira Heights Fire

Written By: Candice Cole
Elmira Heights Fire

      ELMIRA HEIGHTS---(WENY) Fire crews from Elmira Heights, Horseheads, and Big Flats responded to a house fire in the Heights Tuesday morning.
    It happened just before 11am Tuesday at a home on Benedict Boulevard. Martha Benedict said when she came home, she could hear her smoke alarm beeping from the front yard. She immediately called 911. Luckily no one was home at the time and she had her four dogs with her.
      Benedict remembers accidentally leaving a pot a beef stew cooking on the stove. She says, "We got busy this morning. We left things cooking on the stove and ran errands. Always check your burners on your stove before you leave the room. Make sure they are taken care of and please make sure you have batteries in your smoke detectors."
     Martha and her husband are both ministers working to open a meditation center next door to their home. Their donation jar which sits right next to the stove, survived the fire.