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$5.2M Elmira Intersection Project

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
$5.2M Elmira Intersection Project


ELMIRA -- [WENY]  It's one of the most dangerous intersections in Elmira. With minimal sidewalks and five roads coming together.
     But, a 5.2 million dollar project could soon change the North Main Street intersection making it more comfortable for drivers and pedestrians to navigate.
     "Here we go again folks, we're talking about a roundabout.. the roundabout will be placed at that triangle where Evergreen and Savino's and the Wilson farms are," said Sue Skidmore, Elmira Mayor.
     The City has applied for a state grant for a new traffic plan there, including a roundabout, sidewalks, lighting and greenery.
     "What's there now? Well a lot of broken concrete, broken asphalt traffic lights, non function, well they function, but you know it would be nice if they were part of the coridor, so we could get them timed, so when you hit it and there's no other traffic it'll change for you," said Mayor Skidmore.
     The application calls for 80 percent state funding with a 20 percent local match.
     It first goes to the regional board then moves on to the state Department of Transportation where the grant application will comnpete against other proposals across the state.
     "It really provides safe routes for pedestrians and bicyclists and connects really the educational coridor with the college down to downtown," said Matthew Hourihan, senior engineer for the City of Elmira.
     If they get the money, city leaders hope to have the final designs done by next year the project finished by 2018