Elmira Overnight Fires

Elmira Fires

     ELMIRA---(WENY) Fire crews worked through the night and into the early morning hours after two fires broke out in the City of Elmira.
     The Thursday night and Friday morning fires left two family pets dead and a firefighter injured.
     According to Elmira Fire Chief Patrick Bermingham, the first blaze broke out last night just after 10:30 at a house on 711 Harper St. and sustained significant damage.
      Chief Bermingham says no one was living at the house, however one of his firefighters did suffer a torn bicep while putting the fire out, and has since been treated and released.
     Chief Bermingham said, "This fire on Harper, we're considering suspicious and it's under investigation. The reports will come sometime over the next few weeks."
     Just as crews were wrapping up on Harper St., another call came in of a house fire at 408 West Gray Street.
     That call was made just before 4:30 Friday morning and was caused by unattended cooking.
     Chief Bermingham said, "I believe the resident fell asleep and that led to the fire. She threw flour on the grease fire and it was going well enough that it didn't completely extinguish it."
     There were five people living in that house in separate apartments, including two children.
     Luckily everyone made it out ok, however two dogs perished.