Elmira Street Painting Festival Recap

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Elmira Street Painting Festival Recap

ELMIRA(WENY) -- Downtown Elmira got a makeover this weekend as local artist painted the town.
     The 7th annual Elmira Street Painting festival was one for the coloring books.
     "I like to do things with a lot of color,  things that will pop," said Kaitlin Joensen of Elmira Heights. "I like to do things that will attract the kids. The kids love these things so I like to do something fun."
     Some Elmiran artists showed their hometown pride, keeping it local.
     "Well I'm doing the theme, which is Elmira Centric," said Jessi Barton of Elmira. "So I have Collins, you have Ted Arnold, Brian Williams, Ernie Davis, Molly Huddle, Tommy Hilfiger and Mark Twain."
     And some recreated work from famous painters, like Picasso.
     "Usually, I've been doing like really realistic pieces," said Kiera Banks of Elmira. "I thought I would do something different this year. Now, I want to do something colorful for the festival. This is the only thing in town that you can show off your talent."
     This two day festival showcased a variety of talent; Young, old, experienced and beginner.
     All for a good cause and all to better the community.
     "The community. The community supporting this. You look around and see that they're having fun supporting it," said Jennifer Herrick of the Elmira Downtown Development." \
     And for those who can't paint, they ate. Local restaurants set up shop outside to join in on the festivities.