F.L. Wineries, Breweries Pleased After State Summit

Wine Beer Summit

ALBANY (WENY) -- There's only a few weeks left in this legislative session, but Governor Andrew Cuomo is confident he'll be able to pass legislation to build on the success of wineries and breweries in the state of New York.
     He introduced the Craft New York Act Tuesday afternoon which includes reforms to simplify distilling manufacturing licenses, raise production limits, and lower licensing fees.
     "It's a great product, it's a great state and it's working and the more we get the word out," said Gov. Cuomo. The more people sample the product, the more people visit these locations, the better we're gonna do."
     Part of his plan is to launch a $6 million marketing plan, including an advertising campaign that promotes tourism. Part of that plan includes displays to highlight New York brands at state liquor stores. As well as, launching a Taste New York bus program that brings people from New York City to the state's wine and beverage trails during the Spring, Summer and Fall.
     The Executive Director of the Seneca Wine Trail, Paul Thomas, was at the Summit today. He says they've been trying to make better Upstate/Downstate connections for years.
     "Many organizations have executed different projects to try and make that happen, it's just been difficult to do," said Thomas. "And with the Governor's backing now, I'm more confident it's going to be a lot more robust or a program than we've been able to pull off on our own."
     The state will also build 16 new rental cottages on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake in Sampson State Park.