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FEMA Denies Funding For Disaster Relief in Steuben County

BATH (WENY) - Roads, bridge and creeks across Steuben county suffered extreme damages costing the county more than a million dollars to repair. As a temporary fix, workers laid down stones to slow the water's flow and keep it from eroding the rest of the bank.  Many of damages have been temporarily repaired, but the county is looking to FEMA to reimburse them and provide more money to get roads and bridges back to pre-storm conditions.
FEMA has approved funds for areas hit by the storm between May 13th and May 22nd, but has refused to include damages created during the June 8th storm. County emergency management director Tim Marshall says FEMA's decision doesn't make sense.
“Even though it didn't rain for maybe a week or so, we were still saturated from the previous rain. So when the next rainstorm came it caused the flooding problem,” says Marshall.
Marshall says he is hoping FEMA will extend the deadline request. If that doesn't happen, taxpayers may be the ones who come up with the money to fix the damages. “If there is no disaster declaration extension provided then the local community is gunna have to dip into their contingency fund to put money into their Highway budget to make the repairs or the repairs will not be permanently made,”
Marshall says on Monday, county legislators plan to make a formal request to Governor Cuomo, state lawmakers, and Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand to help get funding to make repairs for the damages caused by the June 8th flooding.