FEMA Remaps Flood Zone in Towanda

Written By: Asha McKenzie
FEMA Remaps Flood Zone in Towanda

TOWANDA (WENY) -- A new proposed flood zone map has some homeowners in Bradford County up in arms.
     FEMA has issued a new flood map that will include properties that weren't previously in a flood area.
     Residents in Bradford County could soon pay thousands of dollars in flood insurance.
     Even though they've never experienced a flood.
     "They talk about 100 year floods and 500 year floods and all that," said Bradford County Commissioner Daryl Miller. "And they're just including more flood prone areas that had marginal flooding or minimal flooding before, they're just including those in the flood map."
     And that means homeowners with mortgages could be forced to buy flood insurance.
     County officials are working with Towanda neighbors to be aware of the coming changes.
     "Just to continue to spotlight the issue," says Miller. "The importance of the issue, to point out that it is a very...It can have wide reaching consequences, once all this stuff starts kicking in."
     Residents on North Main Street in Towanda are confused as to why they are included in FEMA's new flood zone map.
     They say they weren't affected by the flood in 1972 nor were they affected by the recent flood in 2011.
     "Why would we have to remap now and get our insurance raised for no reason," said Hans David Heyer, a Towanda resident.
     Residents say if this new plan goes into affect, it would be a great financial burden.
     "I wouldn't be able to afford it," said Heyer. "Insurance is so high with everything else, cars, house. How to you make ends meet with another insurance hike?"