Fighting Homelessness

Matthew McCarthy

       CORNING---(WENY) Neighbors and community leaders gathered at the Southeast Steuben County Library to discuss how to best alleviate homelessness in Corning and surrounding areas.
     Wednesday's meeting followed two previous discussions from last October and December.
     Right now, efforts are being done to pinpoint just how many homeless people are in Corning.
     Meeting Organizer Darin Robbins says the factors leading to homelessness in the area are different from those in a big City.
|     They include young people and people who are working, but can't find a place to stay. This meeting focused on finding solutions to the problem.
     Robbins says, "A great, short-term thing to work on, is to create a resource center, that would include access to communications. A place that they could possibly."
     There is talk of possibly partnering up with some local charitable organizations.
     If you would like to get involved or find out when the next meeting is, contact Darin Robbins by sending him an email at or give him a call at 607.936.3294.