Fighting The Flu

Fighting the Flu

     HORSEHEADS---(WENY) The flu season is in full swing and it's hitting the younger generation harder than ever. The number of states reporting hospitalizations has jumped from 25 to 35 in just one week, and according to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 62% of flu related hospital stays have been in people aged 18 to 64.
     As of last week, the CDC reported four pediatric flu related deaths and it hasn't even hit it's peak yet. The first line of defense of course, is the flu shot.
     This year younger adults, the healthiest among us, seem to be getting hit particularly hard. In fact, the CDC sent out a tweet on their CDC Flu Twitter page saying, "Healthy People are less likely to get vaccinated, but so far are more likely to be hospitalized from flu this season."
     The main culprit this year seems to be the H1N1 strand. The same strand that reportedly killed thousands in 2009.
     To help keep the numbers of illnesses down, health officials are urging people to still get their shots, it's not too late.
     Vito Diciolla, a Pharmacist at Gerould's Pharmacy in Horseheads says, "We have it in stock. Gerould's has run out once, and we've reordered it. We Have 20 doses left."
     You can also wear surgical masks, use an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, and keep surfaces and door knobs disinfected to help prevent spreading the flu virus.
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