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Finn Academy Begins Application Process

Finn Academy

       ELMIRA---(WENY) The founding board members of Finn Academy, the first proposed Charter School in Elmira, announced Wednesday that it has begun the application process.
      After a year-and-a half of planning, the board has submitted its 1100 page application to the SUNY Charter Schools institute.
     The charter school will teach grades K-3 in its first year. It's college prep curriculum will focus on Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. 
       Finn Academy has also partnered up with the Friends of the Chemung River Watershed, to offer a more community based education to students.
     Chemung River Friends Executive Director Jim Pfiffer is excited about working with the board, calling it a great partnership. Pfiffer said, "I have yet to come up with a subject that you can't tie the river to. It's a great venue, and you can learn anything from mathematics to art, to music and do it all while you're in a boat on the water."
     Finn Academy Board of Trustees Chair, Martina Baker said, "We really want the community to know that we are doing this for our community, for our scholars, and we're really just trying to offer another option for your children."
     If the application is approved, Finn Academy will open in the Fall of 2015. News of approval is expected by June 2014.