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Fire Safety And Prevention


      ITHACA---(WENY) An Ithaca family is lucky to be alive after a kitchen fire broke out in their North Geneva Street Home just after 3am, Tuesday morning.
     Ithaca City Fire Lieutenent Thomas Basher said, "Occupants were alerted to a fire in their home, they smelled smoke in the house. They went downstairs to find their kitchen on fire."
     All too often stories such as this end in tragedy. Just last week, a man lost his life when a fire overtook his second floor apartment in Bath.
     The family living at the home on North Geneva Street did not have a working smoke detector at the time the fire broke out.
     They may be the exception to the rule, but their story serves as a reminder to everyone that such a simple device could mean the difference between life and death.    
      Fire Lieutenent Basher advises, "The safest thing you can do for you and your family is have a working smoke detector in your home, one on each floor, one outside the bedrooms. Battery, hardwire, photoelectric, ionization.... Get a smoke detector, that's gonna make a big difference in saving your life."
     And suppose you already have a smoke detector in your home, but aren't sure if the batteries are still good, testing your device only takes a matter of seconds.
     To check your smoke dector, Fire Lietenent Basher says, "Push the button on it, hold it down, it should beep, release it. And that'll let you know it's working properly. When the battery is low, it'll chirp every 20 seconds or so, and that'll let you know it's time to change the battery."
     In addition to having a working smoke detector, taking preventative measures are just as important.
     Fire Lieutenent Basher says, "Keeping your house clean, keeping exit ways clear, keeping working smoke detectors in the home, keeping carbon monoxide detectors in the home. Doing everything you can to keep your family safe, we don't need to come out and help you, but if you do have a problem, we'll be there for you."