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Flood Watch Prompts Concern

Flood Watch Prompts Concern
BATH (WENY) -- The National Weather Service's issuing of flood watch for the Twin Tiers is bringing back memories of the flooding in 2011 in Campbell. Fortunately, Emergency management doesn't anticipate as drastic conditions.
     In Winter of 2011 Main street was completely flooded, shutting down schools for two days and leaving people with tons of water in their homes.
     "We're in the flood zone, so it was a little rougher than usual," said Taylor Abernathy. "But luckily for me, I've got family on the hills, so I was able to stay with them and stay away from the weather and not get in harms way."
     Like many neighbors in Campbell, six feet of water rushed into Taylor's home and it was all because of ice jams on the Cohocton River.
     "It's happened here many times. Since '94, '96, '98 seems like every two years we get a bad flood in the winter time, but maybe, maybe now is our time," said Ben Baldwin.
     That's why Steuben County Acting Director of Emergency Management, Tim Marshall is keeping an eye on things. Most of the ice has already melted on the Cohocton River in Bath. Tim Marshall has been in touch with Campbell town officials who say the channel is clear. So far, they aren't expecting any issues.
     "But then again ice jam moves, you know? So ice that forms upstream from Campbell could eventually come down and choke the area," said Marshall. "So, you're not entirely out of the woods and you never know where an ice jam is going to form."
      Neighbors sure weren't out of the woods in 2011, Tim Marshall doesn't anticipate things getting that bad this time around.
     "It's mother nature, you can't control mother nature," said Marshall. "I would say at this point not to over react because we're only talking about half an inch to maybe 3/4 of an inch of rain which isn't large and significant."
     Marshall says people should know their evacuation routes, move items out of areas that are flood prone, and monitor conditions. You can get a NOAA weather radio or check out WENY on Faceboook at www.facebook.com/wenytv WENY's First Warning Weather Team will have the latest National Weather Service alerts posted.