Flood Workshop in Veteran

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Flood Workshop in Veteran

August 22, 2013

VETERAN -- (WENY) The recovery continues for people in Veteran and surrounding towns who were hit by the flooding a few weeks back. They met again Thursday night for a flood workshop looking for more answers from officials.
     The flooding may be over, but for people like Esther Munson in Pine Valley, the road to recovery is a long one. She's been around for 76 years and said this is the worst flood she's ever seen.
     "I would classify it the worst that has come down since the forties," said Esther.    
     Esther and many others met once again at Veteran Town Hall for a informational workshop. Mark Watts, District Manager for Chemung County Soil and Water, gave the presentation, showing photos from the flood and giving some options so this doesn't happen again.
     "Our options were going to be that we remove Clair Street Bridge to remove a restriction, which was something they didn't support and that's fine, and then the next thing we would like to do is reconnect a stream to the floodplain so we remove some gravel berms and work with the state. Maybe build some berms closer to the homes to protect them," said Mark Watts.
     People at the meeting don't want to dredge or see Clair Street Bridge removed. Their suggestion, simply "cleaning of the creeks," said Virginia Bell of Sullivanville.
     Marlene Little of Sullivanville said, "a lot was accomplished tonight I think."
     A new idea was to put together a drainage committee to help clear out the streams and people at the meeting seemed to be all for it.
     "With the committee getting together is headed in the right direction that we're all pulling together instead of going in ten different directions." Watts says they have permits to start cleaning under Clair Road and Smith Road and hope to start cleaning next week.
     They'll have another meeting on Thursday September 5th at 7:00PM.