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Frozen Water Safety

Written By: Candice Cole
Frozen Water Safety

       ELMIRA---(WENY) We've had a break in the sub-zero temperatures, but unfortunately we're not out of the woods yet. We're due to dive back into the negatives next week, and with those freezing temps comes more safety concerns, particularly when it comes to frozen bodies of water.
     Elmira Deputy Fire Chief Dan Sincock says, "Looks can be deceiving on ice because you don't know what's going on beneath that ice."
     With temperatures below freezing, plummeting down to 16 below zero in some areas, it may be tempting to take a glide across a frozen pond or lake, but it's just not a good idea.
      So far this year, there have been reports of frozen water related deaths in both Chicago and Maryland. None, have been reported in this area so far, and local safety officials hope to keep it that way.
      If you do go out on to the water make sure you're not alone, you have floatation devices and emergency numbers on hand.
     If you fall in, it only takes a couple of minutes for you to lose your dexterity and for your whole body to go numb. You'll have about 20-30 minutes before hypothermia starts to set in, which can be deadly.
     And, definitely stay off of frozen rivers. The current moving beneath can cause variations in ice thickness, leading to even more accidents.
     Deputy Chief Sincock says, "There's no such thing as safe ice unless you go to a skating rink such as the first arena we have here or the civic center in Corning. Kids should never go on the ice. Always have an adult with you to check the thickness of the ice. A minimum would be 4-5 inches of ice to walk on."
       For more tips to keep you and your family safe, visit www.shipwrite.bc.ca/Chilling_truth.htm