Fun for All at Shriners Circus

Written By: Kellie Meyer

Shriner's Circus came to Elmira over the weekend.

Fun for All at Shriners Circus

May 12, 2014

ELMIRA, NY (WENY) -- There were many ways to celebrate Mom this past weekend, some chose to do so at the circus. Or maybe it was more so the kids dragging the parents, but either way, it was fun for all at the First Arena.
     The Shriners Circus brought their 35th annual family fun show to Elmira this weekend and Sundays show was another crowd pleaser. There were flying trapeze artists, bears riding bicycles, and live elephant rides for kids to get in on the fun. 
     Even Craig Flint and Kellie Meyer got to be a part of the circus, as guest ringmasters. We had a great time and hope everyone that came out did too!