Future of Horseheads Animal Shelter

Horseheads Animal Shelter

HORSEHEADS (WENY) -- A Horseheads animal shelter may be losing its funding and if it does, all of the animals will be heading to Elmira.
     Frank Rosplock has seen the Horseheads Animal shelter grow to become a part of the community.
     And due to sales tax revenue the town of horseheads will lose next year, he may lose the shelter.
     "It's tearing me apart," says Rosplock. "I've been here since 1982 . It's been my life."
     But he says he's not giving up on it just yet.
     "Through fundraising, through grant writing, I've been told that their might even be some corporate funding that is possible," said Rosplock. "So, I hope there is a way around this. I consider my staff part of my family. I would hate to see them lose their jobs. It's not just the animals, but the people that work here."
     There are close to 30 animals at the Horseheads Animal Shelter. If the town board decides to let Elmira Animal Control take over, they say they can handle it.
     "we wouldn't even entertain the thoughts of a contract with Horseheads, if we weren't capable of doing this," said Craig Spencer, Elmira Animal Control Director.
     And according to numbers they are capable.
     The Elmira Animal Shelter is not even half way full to capacity, even with 7 municipalities under their care.
     They say they have the facilities, the training and the man power to supervise a possible influx of animals.
     The town board has until November to make a decision.