Future of Horseheads School Resource Officer

Future of Horseheads School Resource Officer
Details are emerging about the future of the School Resource Officer position for Horseheads Central School District.

HORSEHEADS -- [WENY] Village leaders can no longer foot the bill for the School Resource Officer, but are confident another agency will step in. The village of Horseheads has extended current SRO officer, Scott McGrain's contract until December 31st, 2013.
     The SRO position started many years ago and was funded by federal grants. Horseheads Village Manager Walter Herbst says that money dried up about four years ago.
     The Village and school district decided to split the $88,000 dollar cost until now, when money is a little bit tighter.
     "I know there's a lot of concern about ending the program," says Village Manager Walter Herbst. "That's not going to happen. What is going to happen is that there is just going to be a change in the color of the uniform. We believe that it will be the Sheriff's Office that will come in in January and the school district  is working with them to make that arrangement."
     Chemung County Sheriff, Christopher Moss, says he has had preliminary discussions with Superintendent Ralph Marino about costs. He says he's open to providing a deputy to the district, but the district would have to foot the $61,000 dollar bill.
     Scott McGrain has been in his position for 8 years. People in the area don't want to see him go, saying he's built a rapport with students and school employees. They've started a petition online, which is now up to 185 signatures.
     The Chemung County Sheriff's Office also has a deputies serving as SRO'S at BOCES and the Elmira City School District.