Getting Your Lawn Ready For Spring

Lawn Care As Spring Weather Approaches
     ELMIRA (WENY) --  We still have snow on the ground, but some homeowners are already looking forward to getting their lawns ready for spring and summer.
     We are a week into Spring but this cold weather seems to be holding on pretty tight.
     But as we all wait for it to warm up, Workers at Banfield Baker in Elmira gave tips on how to get a healthy lawn after this brutal winter.
     If your lawn is still compacted with frost and snow, it is a good idea to aerate. Aerating allows oxygen to get to the grass roots.
     Also, if the harsh weather has left dead spots on your lawn, it's best to over seed to get your grass growing back full and healthy.
     "Right now, it's mostly just getting the snow cover off. If we get the heavy rains and the lawn gets really soaked," says Chad Moore of Banfield - Baker. "It's better to wait and let it dry out a little too. The first step is to go out with a nice light leaf rake, loosening up the grass there and there's going to be a lot of probably matted down thatch. You want to loosen that up"
     Workers also recommend checking your lawn soils P-H balance which may have been