Gold Shoe Events Starts in Elmira

Written By: Kellie Meyer

Gold Shoe Event runs from April 18 to May 17.

Gold Shoe Events Starts in Elmira

April 17, 2014

ELMIRA (WENY) -- There could be gold in the hills near the Chemung River! Well, not really but if you see a gold 'shoe' make sure to take it to The Chemung River Friends for a prize.
     This year's gold shoe event starts Friday, April 18 and runs until May 17. It's a way to get people onto the river trails and nature walks in our area. A few gold shoes are hidden along the river trails in Chemung County and along the Lackawanna Rail Trail. The only way to find them is to get out and look.
     Each shoe contains a certificate for prize and instructions on attending the May 17 celebration at Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum in Elmira, where winners will be announced and prizes awarded.
     The event goes for a month so get looking!