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Governor Cuomo Visits Southern Tier Projects

Governor Cuomo Visits Southern Tier 12-5-12

BINGHAMTON (WENY)---Governor Cuomo was in the Southern Tier today to hear why the Southern Tier is vital to the state's economy. It's one of his last stops in his state-wide tour of regional economic development projects.

"I think we've made remarkable progress in the Southern Tier, and I am very optimistic because we have such assets here," said Cuomo.

Governor Cuomo got the chance to see firsthand, the the assets of the Southern Tier, their progress and economic impact in the region.

It's part of his strategic economic development plans and job-creating projects. In the first round of the Regional Council initiative, the state awarded the Southern Tier about $50 million and Cuomo seems pleased with the progress.

"You have high-tech and marriage between academia and higher manufacturing facilities," said Cuomo. "But you also have rural activities and farming and green product, so the diversity of their approach is really striking."

Some of the money went to BAE systems, a company that makes hybrid-electric systems, basically rebuilt from the ground up after Hurricane Irene.

"I talk about the way you came together, the way you refused to be defeated by mother nature," said Cuomo.

Harvey Stenger, the President of Binghamton Univresity and newly elected Regional co-chair agreed saying, "I too have that kind of attitude, and the community really makes you optimistic about anything."

The Southern Tier Council is optimistic about future projects, as well. They're asking for three major funding projects including the downtown revitilization project, the shovel ready project and the agricultural fund.

They'll find out if their approved for the funding by year's end.