Racing Clean: Toyota Green Grand Prix

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Racing Clean: Toyota Green Grand Prix

WATKINS GLEN (WENY) -- Watkins Glen International kicked off the 2014 Race season with the 10th annual Toyota Green Grand Prix.
     Car lovers and students showed off their fuel efficient and eco      friendly cars.
     This is, I think the most unusual field of vehicles in any motoring event in the none" said Bill Gillepsie, Executive Director of the Green Grand Prix.
     John Cadwallder entered the race with his 1933 Ford Pick Up truck he built himself.
     It is fueled with propane to promote the green theme.
     "The effluent coming out of that airpipe is just water, basically what it is," said Cadwallder. "No carbon monoxide or bad effluents coming out."
     Students from Alfred State College won the Fuel Economy Challenge three years in a row.
     "The students prepared the cars by checking the tire pressure, making sure the maintence was done," said Jim Fleischman, Instructor at Alfred State.
     Alfred State had three cars out on the track and Eric Dodge drove their 2003 Honda Insight.
     Looking for their fourth win, the students gutted the car to make it lighter and more efficient.
     "I think that the best way to get the best fuel mileage is to test everything and everyone out here has a lot of really good ideas," said Dodge.
     The goal of the grand prix is to make this region the center for clean energy.
     "In our era of more expensive fuels we have to look for other sources," says Gillepsie. "We also have to take care of the enviorment, this wonderful planet we have."