Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak

ELMIRA, NY (WENY) - Hand, foot and mouth disease is making a comeback this year and doctors in the southern tier are seeing an outbreak.
     HFMD can be very uncomfortable for young children.
     Causing sores and blisters all over the body.
     It's a disease that's hard to avoid because it's contracted like a common cold. And can last up to a week.
     "It was a lot worst than this," said Hope Nicholas as she showed her two year old son's skin. "It's actually starting to go away. After we saw these marks we started to give him baking soda bath."
     Two year old George still has a few scars as he recovers from a virus that covered his entire body in blisters.
     Hope and George Nicholas say their son's temperature reached up to 105 degrees all stemming from their oldest son coming home with the Enterovirus also known as hand foot and mouth disease.
     Hitting all three of their kids, including ten-month-old Ayona.
     "It goes from the feet and all over their body, in their mouth," said Nicholas. "We thought it might've been strep but we were told it was hand foot and mouth."
     HFMD is a very common illness that affects young children.
     Symptoms are a high fever, skin rashes and blister-like sores in the mouth.
     Doctors say the summer season is whEN most outbreaks occur. 
     "It's spread mostly through contact, saliva, cough. So many people get this in the summer. You have to be reclusive not to get in contact with it," said Kenneth Sobel, M.D. of Southern Tier Pediatrics.
     There is more than one strand of this virus, so doctors say, it's possible to get it twice in one season.
     And parents are not immune, it's important to Continuously wash your hands and keep good hygiene.
     "There's really no treatment for this. It's really just supporting with pain fever and fluids to get them through it," said Dr. Sobel.
     Hand, foot, and mouth disease should not be confused with hoof-and-mouth disease, commonly seen in cattle, swine and sheep.