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Heater Caused Overnight Elmira Fire

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Heater Caused Overnight Elmira Fire

ELMIRA (WENY) -- After standing tall for almost 32 years, S & S Alignment in Elmira is going to work even harder to make a come back. A late night fire nearly destroyed everything inside teh famly-owned shop. The cause is a kerosene heater, known as a salamander heater typically used outdoors for construction.
     "It was a construction type heater that is not permitted to be in that type of occupancy. It's for construction purposes only not for supplemental heating," said Joe Martino, Elmira Fire Marshall.
     Volunteers have been at the shop all day mopping water up and boarding the windows up. The owners say, it isn't goodbye to their customers just yet.      "I'm just sorry that this happened and we hope to be back to help them again," said Bob Sterling. "Lord willing we'll be back. He's good to us."
     Prayers and support are keeping the family going after nearly a total loss.
     "People have brought us donuts and coffee. We have two boxes of donuts, so we are going to be very well fed. We also had some people come by and just pray with us, which is going to be which is helpful," said Sterling.
     He says they're waiting for their insurance company to see if and when they could rebuild. However, he says it could be a few days before they know what they're going to do.
     Meantime, just across the street, at Express Lube, they're ready to extend a helping hand.
     "The owner here did give me permission to go over and talk to him and let him know that if he needed to use the shop after hours or anything like that, try to make some money, they're more than welcome," said Joshua Cook.