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Help Needed for Bradford Co. Puppy

Help Needed for Bradford Co. Puppy

     BRADFORD CO. (WENY) --  The Bradford County Humane Society is looking into a possible animal abuse case involving a four-month-old puppy.  Workers have named him Blake, and he was found in West Burlington with its back legs broken and other injuries.

      Blake has undergone surgery but the surgeons say the nature of his injuries look like it could be an animal abuse case.  The small pup will stay at the Colonial Animal Hospital in Ithaca until he is better.

      The Bradford County Humane Society says the surgery costs exceeded $3,000 so they are looking for community help.

     If you would like to donate towards Blake's vet bills, please send a check or money order to:

PO Box 179
Ulster, PA 18850
ATTN: Blake

     If you think you have information regarding what may have happened to Blake call the BCHS Animal Cruelty Line at 570-888-4763.  You can also visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bradford-County-Humane-Society/253056801496305 .