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Helping Pam Get Mobile

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Helping Pam Get Mobile

HORSEHEADS (WENY) -- Pamela Jefferson was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis five years ago. The last time we talked to her, she was working on getting a newer van. The one she had was too old, with too many miles for the state to install adaptive equipment.
     "Through this journey with MS, I've had a number of limitations with my body, but despite that there's still so much I can do," said Pam.
     Businesses like Cappy's, Simmons-Rockwell, and The Cottage Gift Shop came together, to help pam get a new van. She's on her way to being mobile again.
     "It's more than just driving again, it'll give me back a part of me that I lost," said Pam.
      She has three children in school and has experienced some difficulties with transporting them places.
     Her friend Betsy, the co-owner of the Cottage Gift Shop, has been leading fund-raising efforts and helping Pam get to places, like training to learn how to use adaptive equipment.
     "She is not the type of person to ask for help for herself, so I thought this would be a nice way to rally some local businesses around and community to help her with a down payment for her van," said Betsy.
      It's been a year since Pam learned how to use adaptive equipment. Now Pam's just waiting for a  state vocational rehabilitation agency to award the contract to install that equipment to her new van.
     "I know they've definitely expected me to be driving a long time ago now," said Pam.
      And the sooner the better.. Pam says it'll take at least two months to install the equipment.
     Betsy set up a fundraiser to help Pam get mobile at: http://www.gofundme.com/GetPamOnTheRoad