Horseheads Gas Compressor

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Horseheads Gas Compressor

     HORSEHEADS - [WENY]      The public hearing at the Horseheads Town Hall on Tuesday night was about a building on a well pad needing a special building permit. A representative from Fagan Engineering presented some details on the project, and tried to answer questions, but residents were concerned on what the proposed building would house, a gas well compressor.
     According to Fagan Engineering, the building would protect the compressor from the elements, and provide some noise control. The building and compressor would be placed on an already existing well pad owned by Anschutz Exploration, near Route 13, and the Newtown Creek in Horseheads. The well pad sits on a part of the Trenton-Black River Well, and a compressor would help extract the gas. 
    But neighbors against the building and compressor say it could be very dangerous.
     According to the town zoning board and the representative from Fagan Engineering, the compressor could be installed at anytime, and the authority lies with the Department of Environmental Conservation, not the Horseheads Town Zoning Board.
     The representative of Fagan Engineering was not authorized to comment on the project.
     The Horseheads Town Zoning board adjourned the hearing for further discussion. The next meeting is February 18th, 7PM at Town Hall on Wygant Road.