Icy, Windy March Snow Storm

Icy, Windy March Snow Storm

WATKINS GLEN (WENY) -- Spring is so close, we can almost taste it, but mother nature isn't giving in to those sunny days just yet. Yesterday was simply a tease. Today inches of snow are piling up causing headaches for drivers.
     "They need to use extra caution, making sure that there's room between vehicles and that they're prepared to drive in the Winter in these conditions-- and after this Winter they should be pretty well used to it," said Bill Kennedy, Schuyler County Emergency Management Coordinator.
       It's been a steady storm. Roads in Chemung County pretty clear throughout the day, but just a few miles up the road, a white blanket covered Schuyler County.
     "We've had quite a few property damage accidents," said Schuyler County Sheriff Bill Yessman. "Cars off roads, cars stuck in the roads, nothing serious, but it's deteriorating rather quickly."
     Officers aren't the only ones with their hands full today; tow trucks are in high demand. Many cars slipping around off roads. Some cars, like Donald Cushing's simply giving up on him.
     "All of a sudden my car quit coming through Watkins Glen, so I'm kind of stranded halfway between home and work right now," said Cushing.
  Like Donald-- from Himrod-- way up Seneca Lake I was having a tough time too. he snow coming down so hard, I could barely keep my camera lens clear.
     "I'm a little distraught right now about the weather conditions," said Donald.
     The Sheriff recommends staying off the roads if you don't have to be out. He thinks the highway department is going to have a hard time with the rate the snow is coming down.