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IPD Life Saving Training

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
IPD Life Saving Training

ITHACA (WENY) -- Some call it the 'Golden Hour' or the 'Platinum Ten Minutes.'  It's those brief moments after a life threatening injury, when an injured person gets life-saving treatment or not.
     Those hypothetical scenarios were at the forefront at today's Tactical Emergency Combat Care training for the Ithaca Police Department. Mock situations were turned into reality as officers learned how to use new trauma kits.
     "When you do it in real life or in these mock scenarios, it pounds the point makes it much easier when you do it, hopefully not ever in real life," said Officer Richard Niemi.
    "God forbid it does happen; they're able to take those skills and apply them without having to use much thought process because they've actually been through it in a scenario based training," said Sargeant Jacob Young, training coordinator.
      What's inside the trauma kits is new to these officers: A tourniquet and gauze pad, that greatly increase the ability to survive a life-threatening wound, like a gunshot.
     "The idea of the training is to give the officers the skills and the equipment needed in that critical minute or two when blood loss is critical," said Sgt. Young.
     Several IPD Officers went to the State's Preparedness Center to learn how to use the equipment and train the rest of the department back at home, where the kits are known to have saved a life, near and dear to the department.
      "When Officer Augustine was shot in the line of duty the combat gauze that you saw in the kit was actually applied and saved his life," said Sgt. Young.
     Once they're trained all IPD officers are required to carry the Trauma Kits with them while on duty. As for Officer Augustine, he continues his recovery after being shot in the chest while chasing a suspect in October 2012.