Ithaca Flooding Concerns

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Ithaca Flooding Concerns

     ITHACA - [WENY]     With the weekend forecast pointing towards rain and warmer temperatures, Ithaca is taking extra precaution for residents living in the areas affected by flooding caused by the ice jams this week.
     Free sandbags are being offered to residents for any possible flooding conditions that could arise. On Friday, volunteers and city workers helped pack and deliver bags. Efforts to break up the ice jams in both Cascadilla and Fall creeks are still underway. The city's Wastewater Treatment plant is also pumping warmer, treated water under nearby bridges to speed up the ice melting process.
     Jennifer Lawrence-Birnbaum, a volunteer coordinator for the sandbag effort said, "It is supposed to be 50 degrees and raining, which is bad news for all of those low laying houses. So we have asked people to come today and volunteer to fill sandbags, tie those sandbags up, and make them available to homeowners."
     Sandbags will be available at the DPW facility on Pier Road in Ithaca until 7PM Friday night, and Saturday from 9AM to around 5PM.