Ithaca Ice Jam Update

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Ithaca Ice Jam Update

January 7, 2013,

CITY OF ITHACA (WENY) -- People in the Fall Creek neighborhood in the City of Ithaca are opening their front doors to a street of water or ice now with temperatures plummeting.
     An ice jam in Cascadilla Creek caused localized flooding on Monday. The Department of Public Works worked all day to break up the ice and alleviate the flooding. 
     WENY spoke with Ithaca Police Department Lieutenant Vincent Monticello this morning. He told WENY the 300 Block of Dey Street is still closed. But the other streets are open.
     Any water remaining in the streets could freeze as temperatures drop. If you have water in your home and do not have an operating sump-pump contact Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response at (607) 273-7288.