Ithaca Police Union Not Happy With Mayor’s Plan

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Ithaca Police Union Not Happy With Mayor’s Plan

ITHACA, NY (WENY) - Ithaca's mayor announced this week, he wants some changes within the police department.
     Body cams, Dashboard cams, Incoming officers being required to live in the city...Just some of Mayor Svante Myrick's proposals.
     On Tuesday, Ithaca's police union had its response and they're not happy.
     Mayor Myrick said his plan for the department would "greatly enhance" the police force to deliver high quality services. But the Ithaca PBA says the mayor fails to see they're already doing that.
     Not in line with mayor's mission and they're speaking out.
     The Ithaca Police Benevolent Association released a statement today starting with these words.
     "First and foremost, the Mayor fails to acknowledge that the Police Department currently does an excellent job at providing unparalleled police services to our community."
     And this all comes after Mayor Myrick proposed his 'Plan for Excellence In Policing'; which is all about making over Ithaca's Police Department following an internal investigation after a White officer drew his gun at Black teenagers during a chase. 
     This is what the mayor had to say earlier this week
     "We will create a plan for community policing that not only will get us better results in terms of fighting crime but will also build greater trust between the community and police," said Mayor Myrick.
     But the PBA's feeling towards this proposal is nothing less than conflicting.
     In the plan, The mayor wants a 10% increase in staffing.
     The PBA says this portion is extremely misleading and IPD has seen a 13% decrease and "replacing officers that retire isn't increasing staff."
     The PBA goes on to say the idea of officers using body and dashboard cams is a topic worth exploring but with insufficient staff, who would review the video? 
     And as for the plan to have incoming officers reside in the city because the mayor believes the police would more invested.. the PBA says  "that's inaccurate and unsupported and a slap in the face."     
     The Ithaca PBA says they're on board with the Mayor's long time plan to open a district office on the West End and they've been looking forward to it.