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Ithaca Police Warn of Recent Burglaries

Numerous Incidents have been Reported

Ithaca Burglary
ITHACA N.Y-(WENY-TV)-- Ithaca Police are warning people in that city to be vigilant after a rash of burglaries in the area. These are surveillance photo's of the suspect using a stolen debit card from one of the break ins. Police say that most of the burglaries have happened during the day and intruders have gotten in through unlocked doors and windows. However there have been a few cases where the suspects forced there way into a home. Most of the burglaries happened when no one was home, but there were two burglaries that happened when someone was home. In one of those cases a brief struggle ensued inside the home, in the other the family only discovered the burglary when they awoke the next morning.

The Ithaca police included these tips to keep your home safe. "Case" your house, to determine where a burglar might break in if they see security is lax. Trim shrubbery so your house is more visible. Get lots of exterior lighting for your home, and consider buying a home security system.